These testimonials are from current parents who children are enrolled with Bear Essentials Academy.  

My daughter has been going to Bear Essentials since she was four months old. The moment I walked in, even before she was born, the atmosphere was welcome and secure. The staff has always been great and I feel the love they have for the kids they provide care to. My daughter is always excited to go to daycare, and I am confident she is well taken care of. I have never walked into chaos and it is always clean. The kids are happy to be there and love their car takers/friends. I have moved since taking my daughter to Bear Essentials and although the drive is out of my way I just can't imagine taking her anywhere else. I am very grateful to Wendy and her staff.



I started my child in Wendy's daycare when she first opened daycare in her home. Way back in 1994. Since then I have had 3 children and we have continued with Wendy even when she opened Bear Essentials Academy. My children think of Wendy as their second mom. She truly loves all the children she provides care for. Her staff is just as wonderful as Wendy is.



I really wanted to be able to be a stay at home mom, but in this day and age it just wasn't in the card for our family. So daycare is a necessity for my children. I currently have three children enrolled at Bear Essentials Academy and I am extremely please with the care they receive while they are there.

     It was hard for me to go back to work after I had each of my babies, but I was relieved to know that if I wasn't able to stay at home with them, at least I felt comfortable and confident leaving them with Wendy Pendleton and her staff. I never worried that they would not get the attention and care a newborn demands. Sometimes I even joked about how spoiled they were going to be with the amount of attention they were receiving. 

   I know that my children are safe and loved at Bear Essentials. They come home happy and filled with stories of how much fun they had that day and the new friends they made. Friends close enough to plan play dates and slumber parties with.

    Some of the things I really appreciate are:

-Wendy runs her facility very professionally, but also includes the warm touches of home care.

-The staff is educated and well trained. (Also very fun and personable) They are periodically taking classes to keep up with any and all changes.

-The children begin learning early, even before pre-school age, getting a head start with the basics and continue on from there.

-In the summertime when the kids are out of school, there are many activities planned to keep the kids entertained and having fun.

-The kids are given praise and encouragement when they are doing something good. Wendy and the staff really work on building the children's self esteem. They even make a show of telling the parents in front of the child so they can see the positive responses and feel good about themselves.

    I would like to thank Wendy for running a daycare that my kids love to go to and for having a "team" that care for my kids as well as they do. I would recommend her facility to anybody looking for a child care facility.

-Lisa Snyder

Mother of 3

Taylorsville, UT 


When touring other daycare facilities, I was left with a feeling of despair- countless times we entered dirty, smelly poorly, maintained facilities and left mortified that people could leave their babies in centers like that. I almost lost all hope in finding an adequate daycare center, until we toured Bear Essentials. I knew it was going to be our daycare the second we walked in the door. The first thing we noticed when we entered was that it actually smelled clean! As we toured, we noticed how clean everything was, how great the staff interacted with the children and how comfortable they made us feel while we were there.

     Our son has been at Bear Essentials for almost five months and I am happy to say that our initial reaction has been confirmed countless times. We have received the best care possible. Bear essentials follows tighter guidelines than all at home daycare centers, yet the care they provide is just as loving and warm as any at home provider. The teachers in the daycare center go above and beyond for the children. Each morning when I drop my son off he smiles at Cindy like he can't wait to spend the day with her. Each of the teachers shares in the excitement of watching my son grow. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to have a place where I know my son is being taken care as if he was literally a part of the family.

     Wendy is always willing to listen to any concerns and suggestions. As first time mom, I had a lot of questions and concerns my first few weeks, and she always was willing to listen and answer any questions. She always answers her phone and is willing to help fix any problem that might arise.

    My family is so thankful that we found a loving daycare center like Bear Essentials Academy. I cannot sing their praises enough.


I am new to Bear Essentials Academy. My children just started attending two weeks ago and I am very pleased with the care my children have recieved.They are excited to go to day care each day. The teachers always welcome us with a warm smile and a hug for my children.

:::Amber, Mother of two

 I was blessed to be  able to stay home with my first baby for three years,however when he turned three I had to return to work. I found Bear Essentials Academy and was very pleased with my sons care. A year and a half later I was pregnant with my second child. I was weary of leaving my new born in a day care when he was so tiny, But Wendy and her staff have been so great with me and my children. They put my mind at ease and helped me thew the hard transition. It makes me happy to see my baby's face light up when he sees his teacher each morning. I know they truly love the children. I dont feel worried when I drop off my children each morning and that makes my day great.

Kaylon, Mother of two  


I found Bear Essentials academy threw a friend of mine. Her children go there and she has been very happy. My childlen started attending last month. I have been very pleased with the care my children receive. 

 A.N.P. Mother of two


My child has been enrolled at Bear Essentials for three years now. She looks forward to going  every day. Wendy has been very good at working with my payment. She is very good to me and my child.


My child has been enrolled at bear essentials academy since 2010. We have been very happy with all the staff there. My daughter loves it. She even ask to go to day care on the week ends. It is so nice to go to work each day and know that my child is being well taken care of .
mother one

My name is Michelle, I have two little ones at Bear Essentials Academy. The both love it. That means I love at also. It is so nice to drop off your children and they love where the go.